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Kelsey Faulkner - 3rd Quarter 2023

Nurse Practitioner 

Please join us in congratulating Kelsey Faulkner as the TGH Wellness Champion for the 3rd Quarter of 2023! 


"I have been going to the Wellness Center since I started working at the clinic and it is always the same peaceful atmosphere! Everyone has been so kind and helpful and it is the most beautiful facility. I have never been a “gym” person but this doesn’t feel like that, it just feels like I’m working out at home! So thankful to have a place like this so close to work and so easily accessible! The Wellness Center is such an asset to this community!" -Kelsey Faulkner


Nancy Grant - 1st Quarter 2023

Pharmacy Tech

Please join us in congratulating Nancy Grant as the TGH Wellness Champion for the 1st Quarter of 2023!


"I want to invite everyone to come check out the JCK Wellness Center if you have never tried it before. I joined the Challenge in January and everyone was so polite and encouraging to me. I have always been one to gain weight, lose weight, and then regain weight but doing this challenge, I have wanted to keep going. I lost 29 pounds from January to now. I am so excited to keep going and reach my goal." -Nancy Grant


Amanda Josten - 3rd Quarter 2022

Physical Therapist Assistant

Please join us in congratulating Amanda Josten as the TGH Wellness Champion for the 3rd Quarter of 2022!


"We are very blessed to have this wonderful Wellness Center at our fingertips here at TGH. With my long commute, I am so grateful for the conveniences the Wellness Center offers me. Being able to run down to get a workout session in during lunch break, many times, is the only chance I get to workout during the week. There is something for everyone at the JCK Wellness Center. We have a very well-rounded weight room including free weights and machinery, as well as a wide variety of various equipment such as bosu balls and the army rope. If the gym feels overwhelming there is an open floor multi media room where I sometime follow along to my favorite HIIT training or yoga session. You can even sign up for one of their classes or ask about a personal trainer! Not to mention the gorgeous track that surrounds the entire grounds. Our small town Wellness Center has more to offer than any of old. If you aren't utilizing this amazing amenity you need to give it a go!"- Amanda Josten 


Shirley Cashaw - 1st Quarter 2022

Certified Nursing Assistant 

Please join us in a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our 1st Quarter TGH Employee Wellness Champion for 2022, Shirley Cashaw! Please read about her experience at the Wellness Center below. 


“Thanks to the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center I am making better food and exercising more in the Wellness Center gym. I am achieving my weight loss, A1C and blood pressure goals in small steps with inspiration from family, friends, and co-workers. The food and exercise programs encourage me to live a healthier life and I am very thankful. “ - Shirley Cashaw


Bud Smith - 3rd Quarter 2021

IOP Driver

Please join us in congratulating Bud Smith as our 3rd Quarter TGH Employee Wellness Champion for 2021! He exercises hard each day and has changed to a healthier way of eating. Since then, he has lost 40 pounds and feels great! 


“On August 5, 2021 I decided to make a life change by taking better care of my health. So, I decided to join the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center. It has been one of the best choices I have ever made. Since joining the gym I have more energy, and I am able to do all the things that I thought were impossible to do. I would like to send out a BIG shout of Thank You to the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center Staff for their guidance, support and encouragement to keep me on track!!” ~Bud Smith


Kathy Armstrong - 1st Quarter 2021

Occupational Therapist

Our TGH Employee Wellness Champion for the 1st Quarter 2021 is Kathy Armstrong!! We can not say enough great things about her! She is dedicated to health and wellness not only at work, but also in her own personal life. We all love you, Kathy!! Keep on with the awesome work that you do!


"Training, running and triathlon racing have been a big part of my life for the past 38 years, so when I started working at TGH and was able to become a member of the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center I was thrilled. The workout facility here is top notch. The outdoor fitness path has been a perfect running spot for my runs. Scheduled fitness classes and a wide variety of weight training equipment, spin bikes, treadmills and other aerobic equipment have really meant a lot to me and my personal road to “wellness.” I am very grateful to be a member of the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center." ~ Kathy Armstrong

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Billie Lawrence - 3rd Quarter 2020

Administrative Assistant for TGH

“The James C. Kennedy Wellness Center is a beautiful facility, but it is also well-staffed and is much more than a place to go to the “gym”.  The center encompasses outpatient therapy, educational training for diabetes and healthy eating, one on one fitness training, on demand fitness videos, IOP and many other services along with wonderful employees.  Every employee is very knowledge and courteous and you are always greeted when you come in the door.  I am especially thankful to Barbara Green for her encouragement and suggestion that I get a new pair of sneakers as my right leg was causing me problems and I was thinking I would just have to give up.  The Wellness Center is a blessing to TGH employees as well as the community and I am so thankful to be a member.” ~ Billie Lawrence


LaPrince Scurlock - 1st Quarter 2020


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the TGH Employee Wellness Champion of the First Quarter 2020, LaPrince Scurlock! LaPrince is a dedicated employee and wellness center member. He is always willing to help! Since last summer, he made a change in his exercise habits and changes in his food choices. With working out several times a week and following a low carb/ketogenic way of eating, he has lost 58 pounds! That’s extraordinary! Thank you LaPrince for being such a great member and keep inspiring others!! Awesome job! We are all so proud of you!


Stacey Armstrong - 3rd Quarter 2019

Clinic Nurse

Please join us in celebrating the TGH Employee Wellness Champion for the 3rd Quarter 2019, Stacey Armstrong! She is the picture of a true champion! Stacey is a dedicated employee and a dedicated member of the wellness center! She works hard and always get the job done! Health and Wellness are really important to her and she a great model for other employees. 


Charlotte Adams - 1st Quarter 2019

Therapy Receptionist

Charlotte is the epitome of a champion. She has a genuine love for people and she shows that love and encouragement daily to our staff, gym members and the therapy patients. She also dedicates her time to her own personal journey by exercising daily. Charlotte is a true light. She consistently pushes herself to better health. Thank you Charlotte for being such a wonderful and true champion!


Lawanda Herron - 3rd Quarter 2018

Nurse Practitioner, Charleston Clinic

LaWanada is a great asset to TGH! She promotes health and wellness wherever she goes! LaWanda is also a very active member of the Wellness Center and participates in many group fitness each week along with exercising in the gym nearly every day. Thank you LaWanda for all that you do! You are a great role model to other employees. 


Victoria Sturdivant - 1st Quarter 2018

Nurse Practitioner, Charleston Clinic

Victoria was nominated by a TGH co-worker. She inspires her coworkers to exercise and live a healthy life. They often come to the gym together and she provides great motivation. Her dedication to health, and to others shows! We are proud of her for being such a great example to her co-workers and patients.


Buddy McRae - 3rd Quarter 2017

Chief Operating Officer

Buddy was nominated by TGH employees for this award. He is a supporter of bringing healthy food choices for TGH employees and health-related programs to the Wellness Center for the community. He is also a dedicated member of the wellness center. Congratulations Buddy and keep up the awesome work!


Stephanie Johnson - 1st Quarter 2017

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Stephanie has gone above and beyond to strive to be healthier and motivates others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is known as one of the most loving and caring workers at TGH, and will put others before herself. She spends many of her lunch breaks at the gym, along with 15-minute breaks during the day. Stephanie’s hard work has paid off and has encouraged others to do the same. She is definitely the ROCK at TGH. 


Jessie Walker - 2nd Quarter 2023

Respiratory Therapist

Please join us in congratulating Jessie Walker as the TGH Wellness Champion for the 2nd quarter of 2023


"My experience with the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center has been wonderful! The Wellness Center and staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere is very peaceful. The indoor walking track and exercise room is where I do most of my walking and exercising. I enjoy interacting with the other members and appreciate all of the activities the Wellness Center has to offer." - Jessie Walker 


Mike Chandler - 4th Quarter 2022

Clinic Director

"Receiving the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center award for the TGH Employee Wellness Champion was an absolute shock and an honor. The wonderful staff there presenting this award to me on a Friday morning as I was leaving after receiving absolutely great and compassionate care rehabbing an ongoing issue I've had for several months now. Our community and surrounding area, as well as our TGH staff are so fortunate to have this amazing state-of-the-art facility, both indoor and outdoor, as an avenue to improve our overall health." - Mike Chandler


Angela Miller - 2nd Quarter 2022

IOP Therapist

"I am so thankful for being a part of the JCK Wellness Center family. The Wellness center provides me with the opportunity to improve my mental and physical health. The Wellness center is filled with loving, caring, and supportive employees that can also help you achieve your fitness goals. My fitness journey allows me to improve my cognitive health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen muscles, and improve my ability to do daily activities without limitations." - Angela Miller


Angela Green - 4th Quarter 2021

Lead Admissions Clerk

Please join us in a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our 4th Quarter TGH Employee Wellness Champion for 2021, Angela Green! To know her is to love her! She always has a sweet smile and a warm greeting for everyone. Angela is our "Diva that Conquered Diabetes"! She is one amazing and kind person! Please read her story below.

“I was diagnosed with prediabetes about three years ago. I didn't take it seriously or watch my diet or exercise. A few months ago, I got to feeling really bad. Come to find out, my A1C was high, and I was then diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I decided to make a change and in just a few short months with the help of the diabetes program, my A1C made a significant improvement. I was even able to be taken off a medication by my provider. I also exercise nearly every day and I feel so much better now. The Wellness Center's diabetes program offer recipes, healthy food choices, and suggestions for lifestyle changes that are easy to stick to. If you can't get to the Wellness Center, there are different ways to communicate with the diabetes program, such as by phone or computer. There are a lot of ways to stay active at the Wellness Center, like the walking track, treadmills, weights, bikes, rowing machines and other strength machines inside. I appreciate my instructor, Jennifer’s knowledge and help with my diabetes, the staff of the wellness center and also my provider, Monica. I look forward to what the future has in store for me.” ~ Angela Green


Keshia Dukes - 2nd Quarter 2021

IOP Therapist

TGH Employee Wellness Champion for the 2nd quarter of 2021, Keshia Dukes. Keshia is an IOP Therapist with TGH at the JCK Wellness Center. 


“My fitness / wellness journey began 7 years ago as I took a holistic approach to bettering my mental health.  Since losing 65 lbs in 2014, I have been a member of many gyms and a part of many gym families…the wellness center being the most inviting. I can say with confidence that the Wellness center has provided me with a comfortable, spacious, helpful and non-judgemental environment where I can continue to take care of myself both mentally and physically. From cardio equipment, the walking trail, and heavy weights to the aerobic room and FOD, it is all so wonderful. I have made sweet friends with the staff and appreciate all that everyone does for one another.” -Keshia Dukes


Heather Pounds - 4th Quarter 2020

Physical Therapist

“I would like to say thank you to the staff at the James C Kennedy Wellness Center and the gym members that encourage me every morning and work out along side me. I have been through thyroid issues, pre-diabetes and a hysterectomy over the past 2 years, as well as right knee surgery this past June. I could not have continued on and pushed myself without the help of Jennifer Taylor and Stephanie Strider constantly encouraging me, giving me advice on eating habits and workouts and most importantly just being a listening ear. Also Cruz who greets me daily, asks how my workouts were and always says “keep it up and good job”. Barbara Green also greets me with a smile every morning and telling me “you’re doing great” keeps me motivated! Stephanie Strider has been the best mentor and gym partner anyone could ask for. She has seen me at my darkest days, depressed about my weight and wanting to just give up on working out. She has pushed me, encouraged me and made me realize that the scale is just a number. I have learned to adapt to this mindset and it has made all the difference in the world!

This place is truly amazing!! It’s an honor to receive this award, but I couldn’t have done this without the wonderful staff helping me.” ~ Heather Pounds


Dane Griffin - 2nd Quarter 2020

Registered Nurse

A BIG congratulations to Dane Griffin on being selected as the TGH Employee Wellness Champion for the 2nd Quarter of 2020! He is a Registered Nurse and is the Wound Care Nurse for TGH. 


Dane started exercising and changed to a healthier way of eating before quarantine, and he has continued to do so during it! We are all so proud of him! Keep inspiring others Dane! Congratulations to you!!

Kristi Nix Wellness Champion of 2019 4th

Kristi Nix - 4th Quarter 2019

Lab Tech

Please join us in congratulating Kristi Nix on being selected as the as the TGH Employee Wellness Champion for the 4th Quarter of 2019! Kristi is a dedicated employee and wellness center member. She works hard each time she comes to the gym! Thank you Kristi for being such a wonderful member and a great influence on others! Congratulations!!


Stephanie Strider - 2nd Quarter 2019

Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Please join us in a big congrats to Stephanie Russell Strider for being nominated and selected as the TGH Employee Wellness Champion for the 2nd Quarter of 2019!! Stephanie is the true meaning of dedication and determination! She has touched so many lives in her passion for life, and health and wellness! Her selflessness shows with everyone that she comes into contact with! To know her is to love her! We couldn’t be more excited for you Stephanie! Keep up the amazing work!! 


Lisa Rodgers - 4th Quarter 2018


Lisa participates in many of the Wellness Center health programs and encourages others to make a positive change in their health and wellness, including co-workers, friends, family and community members. She has had an amazing transformation in her own health journey and we are very proud of her! Thank you, Lisa, for all that you do and keep up the great work!!


Monica Carter - 2nd Quarter 2018

Nurse Practitioner, Holcomb Clinic

Monica is dedicated to going above and beyond for her patients. She encourages lifestyle and dietary changes to try and prevent/reverse certain disease processes and promote optimal health. She even uses her days off to demonstrate healthy food preparation in her own home. Monica “Joy” Carter truly brings joy to everyone that she encounters. 


Jimmie Brewer - 4th Quarter 2017


Ms. Jimmie Anne participates in all of the employee wellness programming and has taken several of our chronic disease prevention classes. She encourages other employees to get healthy, too. Ms. Jimmie frequents the gym during her breaks and after work. She always has a smile on her face! Congratulations again, and keep up the great work!!


Kellie Jones - 2nd Quarter 2017

Lab Director

Kellie lives a very healthy lifestyle and supports and encourages others to work out, while also supporting them to eat healthier. She is a great role model for wellness and motivates others to be healthy as well. She exercises regularly and encourages co-workers to adopt healthier lifestyles. Kellie is a ball of positive energy!

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