Diabetes Solutions is accredited through the American Association of Diabetes Educators and provides self-management education and support services for an array of chronic health conditions designed to help you heal and thrive.

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“Not only did my A1c drop from 7.2 to 5.4 but my blood pressure and cholesterol improved as well. I was able to stop taking all of my medications and am saving $500 a month!” – D.R. (46, male)

“I now know what to eat to manage my sugars and the importance of movement. My A1c has gone from 10.7 to 6.0 and I have lost almost 20 pounds!” – G.B. (55, female)

“My A1c went from 8.2 to 5.0 and after 3-months my diabetes was in remission. I also lost over 30 pounds and was able to stop taking all of my medicine.”  – D.W. (53, male)

“My anxiety is gone. I am sleeping and have tons of energy. My A1c went from 6.9 to 5.1 and I lost over 35 pounds without even feeling like I was dieting. I feel great.” – A.R. (56, female)

“I learned how to cook, meal prep and eat foods to calm inflammation. I lost over 10 pounds and my A1c went from 7.5 to 5.6.” – B.A. (31, female)