This picture is from the Wellness Center's grand opening in January in 2016. The facility has provided an abundance of education, empowerment and access to preventive healthcare.

We had a classroom full and ready to learn as we kicked off our annual REDEFINE Program. We taught people how to redefine their health, take control of their life, and truly thrive.

Our program participants were so excited about their results and to complete a one-mile walk/run. Many of them were able to reverse chronic health conditions, lose weight, gain energy and start the year

off with new-found health and vitality.

Our group fitness classes are always a blast and Jennifer makes an incredible instructor. She can make you an exercise plan that works for your fitness level and lifestyle. Movement is one of our greatest tools for good health and longevity.

Our REDEFINE finale celebration was incredible this year! We lost an average of 10.5 pounds per person, reduced triglycerides by an average of 21 points per person, cholesterol by an average of 25 points per person, lost an average of 3 inches for our waists, learned how to eat right without dieting, maintain regular exercise, reduce stress, and improve sleep health. Participants also reported increased quality of life, improved self management of chronic disease and 20 people reversed their pre-diabetes.